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Aug 24

Week 12 – Aug 20 and 24

2012082001 copy

Monday, 8/20: Last week marked my last full week and the departure of Lizzie, the last other intern. I still had 2 spare days to make up so took them this week. Today was my last day out at Hazy unpacking. A familiar jacket, Roscoe’s lion jacket finally makes the move to Hazy as Katherine …

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Aug 17

Week 11 – August 13-17

2012081301 copy

Monday, 8/13: We are losing interns left and right at this point in the summer. Only Lizzie and myself remain because Lizzie started a week late and I took a week off. Building 24 is already feeling quieter. GMT spent part of the day loading the truck for a shipment out to Hazy. Since all …

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Aug 10

Week 10 – August 6-10

Megan and I as turtles

Monday, 8/6: Back to Hazy for an early morning. Today we didn’t have a load to unpack but instead had to install cabinet shelves. Other contractors had thankfully installed the cabinets themselves in the fur and leather storage but left the shelves to us so we could ensure our suits/pants/jackets would fit. Previously at Garber …

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Aug 03

Week 9 – July 30-August 3

2012073001 copy

Monday, 7/30: While the pants continue for another week, we are actually almost done with them. Being able to use the foam rods instead of custom carving and sewing inserts makes the work go much faster and each of us on the team can easily go through multiple pairs of pants in a day. That …

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Jul 27

Week 8 – July 23-27

2012072301 copy

Monday, 7/23: More jackets but I am told we are nearing the end. This one is slight different from the ones I worked on last week. Since it is so long, it would take too much time and isn’t puffy enough to really benefit from a full body board like previous jackets. So instead I …

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Jul 20

Week 7 – July 16-20

2012071602 copy

Monday, 7/16: Back from vacation and slightly more tan. We continue the jackets phase still. Here is one I was working on today. I started by tyveking zippers and buckles but then realized that I take plenty of after pictures but few before, I will try to remedy that! You can see how the jacket …

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Jul 13

Week 6 – July 9-13

Hello from sometimes-not-so-sunny-California!

I took this entire week off to go visit my parents in California.

Jul 06

Week 5 – July 2-6

2012070301 copy

Monday, 7/2: Today was the SI Staff Picnic that takes place at the Folklife Festival from 11am to 2pm. I did not end up going to Garber at all today because power was still out from Friday’s storm. At the picnic, there was music, complimentary lunch, a marketplace, exercise classes and more. Unfortunately the worst …

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Jun 29

Week 4 – June 25-29

2012062501 copy

Monday, 6/25: The parade of boots continues. Remember that pair from last week with the possible mouse house in the toes? Well a conservator took a closer look and determined it wasn’t from a mouse but probably from the wearer. Either way it was staying and it became my job to make a box for …

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Jun 22

Week 3 – June 18-22

20120601 copy

Monday, 6/18: And the week starts off with how we left off: more boots! Our supervisor Sam is the one who originally makes the lists of objects to be pulled and shipped together. At Hazy, it is the plan to store all similar materials together, hence I keep talking about this phase as the fur …

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