Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 29

Week 4 – June 25-29

2012062501 copy

Monday, 6/25: The parade of boots continues. Remember that pair from last week with the possible mouse house in the toes? Well a conservator took a closer look and determined it wasn’t from a mouse but probably from the wearer. Either way it was staying and it became my job to make a box for …

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Jun 22

Week 3 – June 18-22

20120601 copy

Monday, 6/18: And the week starts off with how we left off: more boots! Our supervisor Sam is the one who originally makes the lists of objects to be pulled and shipped together. At Hazy, it is the plan to store all similar materials together, hence I keep talking about this phase as the fur …

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Jun 16

Week 2 – June 11-15

Me cleaning an air tray

Monday, 6/11: Today was a packing day at Garber. We pack most of the bigger suits in air trays (the boxes that look like coffin boxes) and the smaller pieces – like pants or very thin suits, in mannequin boxes where sometimes we can fit two objects per box. For the air trays, there is …

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Jun 08

Week 1 – June 4-8

A coffin box containing one spacesuit.

Monday, 6/4: My first day was Monday, June 4th. I arrived downtown at the main museum building and began to meet my fellow interns of the Summer 2012 intern class. After introductions we went downstairs to begin our orientation. This was fairly brief and mostly consisted of filling out paperwork and then receiving more paper …

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Jun 05


Summer 2012 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) Collections Management Internship Introduction: My name is Becky Bacheller and I have just completed the first year of my Museum Studies Masters program at George Washington University. That year included multiple courses in Collections Management, Preventive Conservation, and Decorative Arts (both European and American). Outside of …

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