Aug 17

Week 11 – August 13-17

Monday, 8/13:

We are losing interns left and right at this point in the summer. Only Lizzie and myself remain because Lizzie started a week late and I took a week off. Building 24 is already feeling quieter.

GMT spent part of the day loading the truck for a shipment out to Hazy. Since all the shelves are installed they are ready to receive suits/jackets/pants.

These 2 jackets can just barely fit into an air tray together but they are going to end up on a shelf together at Hazy so we are trying to keep them together now.

Now the jackets are ready to move, this is the point right before the lid is strapped on top. Muslin cloth covers both objects and straps are buckled across each object to secure it to the board. In this case the straps are diagonal because we try to avoid putting straps over the fur collars which are more fragile. A large strip of volara is put under the strap to add cushioning. Bubble wrap is added to help further keep the objects in place or to cushion arms. Bubble wrap and straps are put on over the muslin cloth because they are not clean enough to be directly touching the objects.

Tuesday, 8/14:

Since we packed at Garber yesterday, that must mean we unpacked at Hazy today!

While waking to the collections storage area, we pass through the restoration area and got to witness this engine being hoisted up to attach back onto this plane. While we witness a lot of amazing restoration work going on, this was the first time I’d seen this particular action so we stopped to watch.

At the end of the day Amelia shows off our work, a cabinet full of rehoused suits, ready to be locked up and enjoy their new and improved storage conditions!

Wednesday, 8/15:

Back at Garber to pack suits.

After all the boxes were ready we would load them onto the truck. Ashley was in charge of the fork lift today. The rest of us would arrange the boxes, mark them off, update their location, roll them onto the fork lift, and guide Ashley as she picked each one up and put it on the truck.

Thursday, 8/16:

Unloading at Hazy and transferring upstairs into the new fur and leather storage area.

Friday, 8/17:

Back at Garber to pack another load in the morning.

Me rolling an air tray out of Building 24 to position it on the awaiting fork lift.

While the majority of the suits are ready to move (or already moved) at this point, there remain about 20 more to be finished in the next week. This is one I completed in the afternoon. For interior supports I used foam rods covered in tyvek. Tyveked supports are also made for inside the arms and to support the collar.

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