Aug 24

Week 12 – Aug 20 and 24

Monday, 8/20:

Last week marked my last full week and the departure of Lizzie, the last other intern. I still had 2 spare days to make up so took them this week. Today was my last day out at Hazy unpacking.

A familiar jacket, Roscoe’s lion jacket finally makes the move to Hazy as Katherine and I uncover it and inspect it. It will then be transferred to a rolling rack to be taken upstairs. Then the air tray it was in will be loaded back onto the truck and taken back to Garber to use for their next round of shipments.

The lion jacket in its new home

A parting shot of the fur and leather storage area before we leave. Chances are this is my last time in here!

Friday, 8/24:

My last day on the job and I’m out at Garber today.

I continued working on the last suits including this one.

After the last suit was done, Ashley and I went into one of the storage areas to look for any last leather objects. She had located a couple of objects in TMS that listed leather as a primary material. One box we found was definitely leather and was pulled to be moved soon. The other case was listed as leather but upon inspection was clearly fake leather. Ashley later updated the TMS record accordingly. She also showed me some of the objects they were scheduled to start working on next. This included the wool collection and randomly, the above kite is scheduled to be moved in the near future. I can’t wait to hear how they transport it!

The team also took me out to lunch for burgers and milkshakes for my last day.

Looking back at the initial description I was given before starting, this internship was definitely a success and I believe I gained invaluable experience in all the promised activities and more. It was an honor to be entrusted with such precious objects.

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