Jun 29

Week 4 – June 25-29

Monday, 6/25:

The parade of boots continues. Remember that pair from last week with the possible mouse house in the toes? Well a conservator took a closer look and determined it wasn’t from a mouse but probably from the wearer. Either way it was staying and it became my job to make a box for it.

These boots had separate catalog numbers so it was safe to have them in separate boxes. The soles were kept removed from the boots and I custom made a box for each of them including supports to keep them in place but not disturb the debris at the toes. Since we still weren’t certain what it was, each box was then put in a plastic bag. This custom box was then put in a bigger box that also contained its boot. The boots were processed normally with foam inserts covered in nylon stockings. A strip of volara can be seen tied around the ankle of each. This was done if the boot wasn’t fully laced up and we worried that it needed exterior support to keep its shape.

Another view of one of the boots

Tuesday, 6/26:

Today we had to rearrange the PSCs we packed. This was an opportunity for me to use my fork lift certification to stack PSCs and drive them to another building.

I had to drive it entirely in reverse since the PSCs were stacked high enough to obstruct my view if I went forward.

In the afternoon we had finished all the boots so moved onto the next section on our list: Miscellaneous. So far I think this might be my favorite. Objects are put on this list because they are primarily made of leather but it really could be anything! As we pull objects from their old storage locations, it quickly becomes clear that you never know exactly what will be inside that box you just opened.

I spent most of the afternoon working on this leather bag. I had to make a box for it and external mounts to keep it in place. These were mostly pieces of foam covered in volara because just the foam would be too rough on the object overtime. There is also a piece of tyvek tied around the metal clasp on the lid to keep the metal from touching the leather and potentially causing problems in the future.

Wednesday, 6/27:

Miscellaneous is definitely my favorite category. I got to work on a small knife and sheath today.

They were stored with the knife still in the sheath and just one catalog number. It was determined to give the sheath a separate number so I made a new record for it in TMS. They were allowed to be stored together still because the knife’s handle had leather on it. I made a box for both and then a tray so someone could lift the objects out of the box without having to untie or handle them. Ethaform or volara lined the tray and strips of volara were tied with twill tape to keep each object in place.

We also pulled this gorgeous sword and sheath but the team decided not to make a box/mounts for it because there was uncertainty if the objects would be stored together at Hazy. While I dislike to separate associated objects such as these, there is limited room in the fur and leather storage at Hazy and the sheath is leather but the sword is not. For another day….In the background is a face mask Megan was making a tyvek pillow for.

Thursday, 6/28:

This is a prime example of why Miscellaneous is such a fascinating category. This object has one catalog number and just said it was Lindburgh’s leather case in TMS. Yet when the case was opened, all of these tools were discovered. You can clearly see how they were discoloring the case lining so had to be removed, each given their own number, and stored separately. I did not personally work on these objects but eventually they were all put in the same box. The case was closed and a large piece of foam with indentations for each tool was made.

This is one of the objects I worked on today: Lindbergh’s childhood machete! What I did was very similar to the small knife I worked on earlier this week. The main difference is that the machete itself has no leather on its handle so will be stored separately from its leather sheath. That is why 2 different sized boxes were made.

Friday, 6/29:

The Garber interns got a little break from our normal activities in the afternoon when we got a tour of the exhibits building. It was exciting because we had only been briefly in this building before and the exhibits staff at Garber has a break room separate from the collections staff so we rarely see them.

Examples of labels for Moving Beyond Earth exhibition

While most of their labels are printed digitally like in the first picture, they do still have a small screen printing lab. I learned that silk screening still has its uses.  It produces no edges, so can go directly on a wall/panel for a nice clean look but far more labor intensive.

I really wish I knew how to use all of these!

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